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      Shanghai/Zhejiang Spuntex Machinery Co., Ltd. is an integrated solution provider specializing in customized spunbond and meltblown equipment based on customer needs, integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service.   The company was formed by Zhejiang Mingcheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2019, and Changshu Zhentai Machinery Factory's Spinning and Melting Division, established in 2016, and was formally established in May 2020.   The company is positioned in the development of key components of spunbond and meltblown special materials, overall process design, material formulation design and other fields, and has accumulated rich experience in the fields of spunbond, meltblown and needle punching, spunlace, and thermal drying hybrid molding.



Spuntex Machinery Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shanghai, and the factory is located in Longyou Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province.  It is a supplier of integrated solutions for spunbond and meltblown equipment;

The company adheres to the tenet of "integrity-based, customer first", focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of polyester spunbond, PLA spunbond, PE/PP skin core (side-by-side) two-component spunbond, and CoPET/PET bi-component spunbond , SXXXS and other non-woven fabric production lines;

In 1987, with the first spunbond line settled in Guangdong, China's spunbond non-woven fabric industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and various new equipment and new technologies are changing with each passing day.  The founder of the company, Mr. Wang Jin, began to engage in the production, research and development, and equipment manufacturing of spunbond nonwovens in 2002.  He has been working in the spunbonded nonwovens industry for 19 years.  So far, Mr. Wang Jin has participated in more than 100 different types of spinning and melting nonwoven production lines that have been stably produced in various regions of the world.

In 2005, participated in the installation and commissioning of China's first two-component spunbond non-woven fabric production line (US Nordson 3.2SS);

In 2012, we independently designed, installed and debugged China's first negative pressure drafting PE/PP spunbond non-woven fabric production line (1.6m S), which was successfully put into operation in Zhejiang;

In 2014, we independently designed, installed and debugged China's first SSS three-die negative pressure drafting PE/PP spunbond non-woven fabric production line in Fujian. The product uniformity, fiber fineness, and hand feel greatly improved the diapers and hygiene. The quality and production efficiency of sanitary products such as towels;

In 2018, the 3.4-meter-wide, high-uniformity polyester spunbond production line independently designed, installed and debugged was successfully put into production. The minimum product weight is 9 grams/㎡, creating the highest low-weight polyester spunbond non-woven fabric in China. The product has good uniformity and low energy consumption, and is widely used in various fields such as home textiles and automobiles;

In 2019, the self-designed, installed and debugged SS dual-die head negative pressure drafting PE/PP spunbond non-woven fabric production line was successfully put into operation in Longyou, Zhejiang;

In 2020, there are more than 30 independent design, installation and commissioning projects. Sales include 1.6m water electret, 1.6m meltblown, 1.6SS spunbond, 2.4SS spunbond, 3.2m SSMS and polyester two-component equipment, and stable medical , Shandong Taipeng Environmental Protection, Jiangsu Haoyue Industrial, Foshan Baiying, Fujian Yingshubao, Wuxi Yuancheng Textile and many other well-known non-woven companies in the industry have reached cooperation;

In 2021, Independently designed and installed 2.5m width one beam PE/PP、PE/PET、Co-PET/PET Spunbond Production Line.

Since 2022, we independently designed, installed 2 spunbond production lines, including one 1.6m PE/PET bi-component spunbond production line (the customer has purchased 3 spunbond non-woven production lines totally from Spuntex); one 1.6M width SS double beams PE/PP bi-component spunbond production line (exported to Taiwan).



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